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Sprint Direct Connect Solutions

Sprint Direct Connect Phones

Sprint® Direct Connect® phones will combine rugged, mil spec features with the advanced functionality and sleek styling of the latest, coolest smartphones.

Larger screens and fast 3G data mean everything you need to get the job done and stay connected is at your fingertips surf the web, access thousands of apps, quickly download huge files, engage your social network and more.

In addition to one-to-one and group push-to-talk calling, Sprint Direct Connect devices let you take advantage of other ne

Sprint Direct Connect Coverage

Now with 3 times the coverage

Sprint Direct Connect offers nationwide push-to-talk coverage and 3G data speeds, so you can take business productivity to the next level.

You can now connect in even more places. Sprint Direct Connect service now covers 2.7 million square miles as a result of push-to-talk platform upgrades. The Sprint Direct Connect coverage area now covers nearly three times the square miles, compared to the current Nextel network.

And that's just the beginning. Major technology upgrades to our network planned for the next few years through Sprint Network Vision will result in a single, cutting-edge network that is expected to improve call quality, increase coverage and data speeds, and enhance in-building coverage.

Check coverage

Initial push-to-talk call set up time varies depending on network coverage area. Call setup times may vary off the Sprint network. Sprint Direct Connect coverage includes coverage while roaming and coverage on the 1XRTT network.

Sprint Direct Connect Now

Bringing instant communication to a smartphone near you

Add the immediacy of Sprint Direct Connect to select Android™ smartphones. With Sprint® Direct Connect™ Now, you'll be able to enjoy instant conversation with the people most important to you.The Sprint Direct Connect Now app is available from Google Play and offers:

  • Fast, push-to-talk communication
  • One-to-one connection, interoperable among all our push-to-talk platforms
  • Access to the world's largest push-to-talk community of users

Direct Connect

Direct Connect brings co-workers together instantly

  • When time is critical, the industry leading push-to-talk services from Sprint give you what you need to get the job done, like:Fast one-to-one connection, interoperable among all our push-to-talk platforms
  • Access to the world's largest push-to-talk community of users
  • A huge portfolio of push-to-talk phones, including rugged, mil-spec devices for challenging environments – and sleeker, smarter Sprint phones.
  • Our new Sprint® Direct Connect® service — our next generation of push-to-talk — combines 3G data speeds with instant one-to-one connection, so you can get even more done at the push of a button.

Group Connect

Group Connect can shrink your communication gaps

Need everyone on the same page? Get everyone on the same call. Coordinate the crew instantly with Group Connect®.

What you'll get:

  • Connect a total of 21 Direct Connect users at the same time with the push of a button. Participant restrictions apply.*
  • Coast-to-coast coverage keeps your team within reach, whether they are across the street or across the country.
  • Create, store and manage groups directly on your phone.
  • *Group Connect service can be used among Nextel Direct Connect phones and PowerSource phones, or among Sprint Direct Connect phones. However, Sprint phones do not currently support Group Connect calls with Nextel and PowerSource phones; likewise, Nextel and PowerSource phones do not currently support Group Connect calls with Sprint phones.


TeamDC connects up to 35* other nationwide users fast

When you need to touch base with co-workers, friends or family members, TeamDCSM makes it simple and productive with features, like:Online group setup and management. Create and maintain TeamDC group lists online via Sprint Mobile Sync, which is included with your service if you have a capable Sprint phone.

Talker Priority. Take the floor as long as you have higher talking priority than the current speaker. If you're the group owner, you can set "high", "medium" or "low" priority for yourself or others in your group.

Group opt-in and more. Once a TeamDC group is set up, you can share it and members can accept or decline invitations to calls. The owner can modify members and their permissions, but all in the group will see the updates on their phones.

*Increase this to up to 200 with a Custom Network Solutions (CNS) consultation. This group type is available only on new Sprint Direct Connect-capable phones, at this time, and does not interact with any other type of group calls.

NextMail Services

NextMail Services capture attention of team members

When you need to get the message out to multiple people in a hurry, get their attention with a voice message delivered to any email or right to their phone. Send a recorded voice message to up to 50 email addresses and/or mobile devices via text message from any Sprint phone, with no computer or typing required. Recipients can respond easily via a text message to your phone.

What you'll get:

  • Enjoy simple communication - select a NextMail Services® contact and push the call/talk or your Direct Connect button to send a contact or group.
  • Send a voice message that's up to 5 minutes long to one or fifty recipients. The message will be delivered at once to their email addresses and/or via text message notification.
  • Time Management and Reporting is easy, just collect payroll data from mobile workers and compile that data into a file for export/import to your time and attendance system.
  • Include GPS coordinates, interactive maps, approximate street address, and even photos to all or only specific contacts.

International Direct Connect

Push beyond our borders with one touch
International calling is now available at the push of a button for Sprint® Direct Connect® phones.

Make US- based calls to push-to-talk enabled phones on the iDEN networks in Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Peru.

What you'll get:

Fast. Enjoy the same speed as you do for your local connections.

Simple. No country codes, operators or calling cards required. Just push the Direct Connect button.

Cost-efficient. International Direct Connect calls cost a fraction of international cellular rates.

International Direct Connect calls use the push-to-talk Local Direct Connect minutes included in your plan/buy-up. Local Direct Connect overage charges may apply. All Direct Connect calls charged to the initiator by (rate x minutes x participants). Requires Direct Connect capable phone. Not available for Group Connect® or TeamDC calls. Other restrictions may apply.