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Vanderbilt's connection to the internet is a resource shared by all members of the Vanderbilt community. To ensure the security and availability of Vanderbilt's Internet connection, certain file sharing protocols have been blocked, and others restricted.

Removing Network Access Policies

Access to ResNet will be terminated immediately if the following criterion is met:

  • The machine in question is source of a harmful attack (such as DOS, hacking, brute force) against a core service such as a Domain Controller.
  • The machine in question is source of a harmful attack against other machines connected to the VU network or the Internet. C y
  • Exhibiting characteristics of being infected by a virus/trojan, whether by a particular port being open, detection by any IDS/IPS platform, or external complaint that poses a threat to the network
  • Exhibiting scanning, cracking, or other behaviors deemed by VU Network Security personnel to be detrimental to the well being of the VU network, any resource connected to the VU network, or the Internet.
  • The machine in question is the source of a Zero Day exploit or virus that poses a serious threat to the network.
If your machine has been blocked, contact the VUIT Help Desk at (615) 343-9999, option 1, option 2.

Access to ResNet will be terminated without notification if the following criterion is met:

  • The machine has been identified with a copyright infringement complaint see 7/2006 VU Copyright Infringement Policy
  • Excessive network traffic defined as Serving >10GB within a 24 hour time frame.
  • Providing services that are neither necessary to the student's academic requirements and/or placing a possible increased load on the VU network and have not applied to run a normally prohibited service.
    Normally Prohibited Services
    • DHCP
    • DNS
    • mail
    • web server
    • messaging, such as IRC or Jabber servers
    • file-sharing music/movie/software using tools such as FTP and peer to peer appplications.


Peer to Peer Client Restrictions

The peer-to-peer clients Gnutella, E-Donkey and DirectConnect have been blocked. No inbound or outbound traffic is passed to or from campus. Peer-to-peer network traffic between clients within the Vanderbilt network is not blocked.

The BitTorrent traffic to and from ResNet to the Internet is restricted. When using BitTorrent on the ResNet network connections are limited to 10Kb per flow.


Blocked Ports

As a security measure, ResNet computers hosting file shares and shared printers using NetBIOS or Samba, cannot be accessed from on or off campus. Ports 135, 137, 139, and 445 have been blocked from access by on and off-campus computers.