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Data Network Information

Should I Buy a Computer?*

If you plan to bring a computer to campus, please consider purchasing a new computer. For more information and instructions, please refer to the recommended vendors page. When purchasing a system, consider the following:

  • Buy a computer from a major manufacturer (like Apple or Dell)
  • Purchase at least a 3-year on-site service warranty. Taking the computer off site or mailing for repair can be difficult for a student.
  • Download Microsoft Office for your computer. Office is available at a discounted price through the Software Store.
  • Purchase insurance for your laptop
  • Download and install Vanderbilt's recommended AntiVirus Software

* Please visit our recommended vendors page for Vanderbilt hardware discounts.

Is there wireless in my room?

All residence halls are covered with wireless access to the campus network. See the wireless access page to learn more.

Do I need a cable?

A cable to connect your computer to the campus network (VUnet) is available upon request. These cables are to be taken with you when you move out for use throughout your career at Vanderbilt.

What about the Engineering laptop program?

First year students entering the School of Engineering are required to purchase a laptop computer. You are strongly recommended to participate in the School of Engineering TransIT Laptop Program.