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Over the next few months, Outlook/Exchange email will be migrated to Office 365 in the cloud.  In support of the Chancellor’s vision to provide world-class IT, this migration will allow Vanderbilt to align with current technology, provide improved customer experience, and take advantage of new features and functionalities.


Email Migration Timeline


Email Address Alignment

  • Prior to migrating mailboxes to the cloud, VUIT must align the 3 parts of your online identity:
    • Primary Email Address
    • Skype (phone) ID
    • Office 365 Sign in
  • Beginning May 1, 2019, VUIT will manage changes to your Primary Email Address.
  • Aligning the 3 parts of your online identity will result in some minor impacts.
    • All known impacts - and user instructions - will be communicated ahead of any changes.


Mailbox Migration

  • During this phase, VUIT will move existing, on-premises Outlook/Exchange mailboxes to Microsoft's Office 365 cloud environment.
  • Migrations will be executed in sections of like groups.
    • Groups will be strategically planned in order to minimize risk and maintain the user experience.
    • Each group will receive communications ahead of their migration date to inform them of scheduling and any actions they need to take before and after their migration time.

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