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Our Strategy

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Our Strategy


Be Together

Complex challenges require plans to drive real change. To advance our vision of fostering a culture where everyone may flourish,
we are investing in the difficult discussions. We pledge to address sensitive topics such as race, sexual orientation, gender identity,
mental health, and inequality head-on to ensure all employees can bring their authentic selves to work each day.


Building TalentUnderstanding us.

In order to bring about change that creates a lasting impact, we must first understand who we are and who we want to be. By gathering data on VUIT’s current demographics, we can work towards establishing diversity goals and measuring our successes.


Attracting diversity.

We must recruit differently. Diversity of thought and experience strengthens teams and helps create great experiences, so we’re evolving our recruiting practices to do more than just mitigate bias. In order to attract, hire, and develop candidates of all genders, ethnicities, and backgrounds, we’re casting a wider net and partnering with colleges who produce diverse graduating bodies, establishing internship strategies for underrepresented minorities, and searching outside of the “traditional” IT functions. We are committed to facilitating and fostering community relationships and increasing interest in IT among underrepresented minorities, which will lead to greater impact than just on Vanderbilt’s campus.


Building talent.Collaborate

VUIT’s success hinges on our ongoing ability to hire talented people with diverse perspectives and to teach them the skills they need to invest in their futures. We are identifying areas where we can offer additional diversity training opportunities for all of VUIT in addition to developing programming for underrepresented minorities, including mentorships and organized groups. It is crucial this work doesn’t have an end date, so we encourage a closer look at succession plans across the organization so we continue to grow well into the future.


Collaborating equally.

Fostering diversity and inclusion doesn’t work well if you do it in a silo and VUIT isn’t the only group on campus dedicated to achieving diverse and inclusive workplaces. We are committed to partnering with Vanderbilt University EDI and the various Vanderbilt Cultural Centers to utilize trainings and become an ally in targeted events. This will help us identify and host diversity opportunities for VUIT employees.


1967 - Dorothy Phillips becomes the first African American woman to receive an undergraduate degree from Vanderbilt University.