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Satisfaction Survey FAQs

Vanderbilt IT compiled the following frequently asked questions based on your responses to the 2016/2017 Faculty and Staff Satisfaction Survey. If you have specific suggestions or would like more information, please email the Relationship Management team at the .


Can I store my data somewhere other than on my computer?

All university faculty and staff have access to cloud storage via Your account can also be used to share files/folders that are too large to email. For more information, visit the product page.


Why can’t I get consistent Wi-Fi across campus from building to building or even between rooms in a single building using vuNet?

Your wireless device connects to the network through wireless access points (APs) spaced throughout buildings. When changing locations, your mobile device will drop its connection from one AP and reconnect to another. If you are in an area where the signal is weak, please contact Vanderbilt IT at (615) 343-9999.


Could someone visit my department and explain what VUIT offers (such as tools and systems) and how we can benefit from using these?

Absolutely! One of our VUIT Relationship Management team members would be happy to stop by and share what VUIT offers faculty, staff, and students. To set up a time, email the RM team (


Can university faculty and staff choose to move from Outlook to Gmail? What about moving to other centrally supported solutions for office scheduling, such as Calendly?

The univeristy’s email infrastructure is Microsoft Exchange, and Outlook is Microsoft’s email client. Use of Outlook provides the most compatibility and functionality with our email servers, and it is fully supported by both Microsoft and VUIT. Our webpage about Vmail client configurations provides information on supported clients, as well as a link to configuration settings if a customer wishes to use an unsupported client. From a cost perspective, we encourage customers to use Outlook since it has already been purchased by the university.


Can I take any steps to protect myself against phishing vulnerabilities?

Yes! With practice and vigilance, following the steps outlined in the “Tips to protect yourself from phishing” article should help protect you from falling victim to phishing. If you have any questions or would like more information about this, email VUIT Incident Response at


Is there a streamlined way to set up and host conference/video calls?

Yes! Skype for Business (previously called Lync) phones grant you access to set up and host conference calls with a few clicks. For more details about Skype for Business features, visit the Skype for Business product page.


What should I do if I have questions or problems with my AT&T cell phone, activation of v-net codes, or my Verizon departmental cell phone?

For cellular billing questions, contact VUIT Business Operations’ Glenn Pitts at (615) 343-5375 for cellular billing questions.

If you are experiencing technical issues, contact the company’s cellular representative or the 1-800 support number listed on our Cell Phone Information page.

For activation of V-Net codes, please contact VUIT Voice and Data Services at (615) 421-1611.


Whom do I contact for more computer hardware options, such docking stations and using a laptop instead of a desktop?

You should contact your desktop support team for additional hardware options, peripherals, or advice when evaluating application software.


How often are Vanderbilt computers life-cycled? Can employees purchase these computers at a reduced price?

For customers supported by Distributed Technology Services or the Vanderbilt Managed Desktop Program (in general), most machines are on a four-year lifecycle. The university has elected to outsource disposal of out-of-lifecycle computer equipment, and there is no way for employees to purchase this type of equipment.


I received an Outlook message that my mailbox is full. Can I request more email storage?

If you receive a message that your mailbox is full or nearing its limit, you can free up some space immediately by clearing your “Deleted Items” folder. If you need help to free up more space, please work with your local support provider. Your local support representative can submit a ticket to either have your quota increased or implement native archiving (depending on which solution works best for your situation).


Who determines what products are offered in the Software Store? Can employees make suggestions as to which items are offered at a discounted price?

Customers are welcome to make suggestions for new products to be made available in the Software Store, and we have a Product Addition Request form available on the Software Store website. The manufacturer must be able to offer a volume licensing model that guarantees cost recovery, or the requesting department must be willing to help fund a site license.


Could Vanderbilt IT offer regular communications to employees regarding IT-related topics impacting the university?

We offer two main ways to receive news about our offerings: the “Did You Know?” slider on the VUIT homepage and MyVU. “Did You Know?” is our ongoing campaign to share key IT products and services with the Vanderbilt community, such as software discounts, wireless information, updates, etc. Additionally, we publish articles related to IT news that impacts the university in MyVU, which is an e-newsletter that comes out each Monday and Thursday managed by Vanderbilt University News and Communications.