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Cisco VPN Shutdown

The Vanderbilt Cisco VPN service scheduled retirement date is 7/17/13. Please select the appropriate alternate VPN from the table below, based on your current operating system. Thank you for your cooperation.

At this point, you need to choose the right Vanderbilt VPN to use going forward.. Click the link for your operating system to go to the web page to download and install a new VPN client. Contact your Local Support Provider (LSP) or LAN Manager for advice before proceeding. To find your IT support provider, visit Remember: For users of the Cisco VPN, an account has already been created. You may ignore any instructions you see about requesting a VPN account.

VPN Selector

Do you have the ability or permissions to install new software on your computer?





What is the operating system of your computer?

Windows 8


Contact your LAN Manager / Local Support Provider

Windows 7, Vista ….


Windows XP


Mac OS
OS X 10.6.8x
OS X 10.7.3x
OS X 10.8x 



Mac OS
10.6.7 and below 

 Not Supported