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Secure Relay for Servers (SRFS)

SRFS is the preferred Vanderbilt IT service for outbound SMTP relay from systems/devices. Only qualified systems that are registered with the SRFS service are allowed to use the service.

Available to:
Vanderbilt community

How to get it:
1.  Obtain a static IP address for the system, from private address space if possible (10.x.x.x)

  • a) University Central - Static IP Request Form
  • b) VUMC – Contact VUMC help desk (343-4357) or submit Pegasus request to Network Operations.

2. Submit an SRFS request:

a)  University Request Form

b)  Medical Center Request Form

Note: Prior to submitting an SRFS request, please ensure that the device is ready for deployment, with all intended applications installed and configured.  If a request is submitted and the device determined not to be deployment-ready, the request will be closed and new one will be required later when the device is ready.

3. Pass an initial security scan and accept recurring scans

  • a) Enterprise Network Security (ENS) Analyst will provide you with scan results identifying any vulnerabilities requiring remediation.
  • b) When your system has passed the security scan, VUIT Electronic Collaboration Services (ECS) will authorize the system and notify you.
  • c) All systems using SRFS are given a monthly scan on an ongoing basis.

4. Configure your system for SRFS

a) Configure a valid sending address for SRFS ( is recommended)

b) Point to

i. Specify TCP poprt 25 as the default port SMTP

ii. SSL/TLS is supported but not required

Technical details:

  • 1. Multipurpose printer/copier/scanners:
    • Multipurpose machines that send unauthenticated email must use the SRFS system and be registered with SRFS in the same way a server would be. If the multipurpose machine does not require a unique, identifying email address, we recommend that you configure the "From" address as
  • 2. Sending email address requirements for SRFS:
    • a) Use a valid email address
      • The host's sending email address must be a valid email address on the domain or on a Vanderbilt vanity domain.
    • b) Replies
      • If you expect replies from the messages sent via SRFS, the sending email address must be a valid address, such as
      • If replies are prohibited, please use one of the sending addresses below:
        • i.
        • ii.