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DocuSign FAQ

Vanderbilt University faculty and staff can send and sign agreements using DocuSign eSignature. This service is available to for University business purposes only. DocuSign eSignature allows sending and signing documents at any time, on different devices, ability to check signing status’, send reminders, and have an audit trail.

Reference for information on how Vanderbilt University is using DocuSign and then request an account by filling out this form. Alternatively, you can email the administrator directly.

An envelope is a container for documents that you send to a recipient to sign. It can contain one or multiple documents.

There is a 120 document threshold per envelope. The maximum number of pages allowed in a single document that can be uploaded is 2,000.

Each document uploaded to an envelope cannot be more than 25MB. Uploading a document to an envelope over the 25MB limit will result in an error “Error uploading [filename]: File exceeds size limit of 25MB.

Best performance comes from files not more than 5 MB. If it is necessary to include the completed document with the “complete email notification”, the size cannot exceed5 MB.

DocuSign is not a repository for envelopes and documents. The envelopes in your account will be stored for a maximum of 60 days before deletion.

It is highly recommended you download envelopes to your department’s preferred repository for retention.

Once envelopes are moved to the deleted folder, they are purged at midnight the same day and cannot be recovered.

Submit a ticket here and provide a detailed description of the message you received.

There is no limit to the number of documents that can be signed.

Sending documents for signature:

  • For fiscal year 2020-2021, Vanderbilt University has a limited number of envelopes. DocuSign is used to replace wet signatures. Please consult with the DocuSign administrator on your needs.
  • For fiscal year 2021-2022, DocuSign will be used to replace wet signatures, however, each department can decide specific usage in coordination with the Function Unit Manager and the DocuSign Administrator. The DocuSign Administrator will reach out to all departments to discuss needs for fiscal year 2021-2022 and collect a COA for charge back.

DocuSign converts all documents to PDF. If, for example, a Word document is uploaded, once signed, DocuSign will return a PDF to prevent tampering. This also includes files you include as supplemental documents.

DocuSign does not support files with password security enabled. You would remove the setting before uploading.

  • Create Templates: : if a document type is used for signature over and over, a template can be created and shared with users. The template will live in DocuSign.
  • PowerForms: Using Power Forms allows you to create and manage fillable forms.
  • SigningGroups:  Creating a signing group makes it possible to send a signing request to a group of potential signers.

Yes. Each Department’s usage of DocuSign will be charged back using a COA. Please contact your Financial Unit Manager for approval and work with the DocuSign Product Manager to get started.

DocuSign is not approved to be used for document retention. When using DocuSign download and store your documents following your local retention policy. After 60 days, documents in DocuSign will be deleted.

If your department already uses DocuSign, reach out to your DocuSign Administrator. Your local administrator is responsible for ensuring your approval to use DocuSign, granting you access and training.

If your department is new or does not have an administrator, reach out to the DocuSign Product Manager to request help.