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Skype for Business

Service Description

Skype for Business is an enterprise instant messaging, voice communication, web-conferencing, and collaboration suite. Skype for Business is available to Vanderbilt University and Medical Center faculty, staff, and students.

What is Skype for Business?

Skype for Business provides telephone service over computer/data networks using IP (Internet Protocol) telephony, also known as Voice Over IP (VOIP). The advantage to this change is the ability to connect to your phone and voicemail from almost anywhere.

All features of Skype for Business can be controlled through your computer’s software, including dialing and answering calls. You can use Skype for Business with your computer’s default microphone and speakers. You may also use one of the available headsets or Polycom handsets which connect to your computer. Skype for Business can even simultaneously ring other phone numbers, allowing you to not be in the office to make or receive calls from your office phone number. This feature eliminates the need to give out your personal number for anything Vanderbilt-related.

Skype for Business also provides individual, personalized voicemail. A voicemail message left for you can be retrieved through the Polycom handset, the Skype software on your computer, and/or through your Vanderbilt email account. When a voicemail is left for you, Skype places a message in your email with the voice message as an audio attachment, enabling you to listen to your voicemails from any smart phone connected to Vanderbilt’s email server.

Skype also integrates telephone, voicemail, email, instant messaging (with optional video), online meetings, and conference calls. You can also share your computer’s screen(s) with users as part of a call. (However, sharing your computer screen is only enabled if you intentionally activate it during the call.) If you use a laptop, your office phone travels with you wherever you go and can be used whenever you are logged in and connected to the internet.

Skype offers the ability to save and organize your phone contacts as you would with your email address book. You can search for any Vanderbilt employee by name in Skype without needing to search for them in People Finder.

Finally, Skype synchronizes your availability with your Outlook calendar. The most common statuses are: Available, Busy, In a Call, Do Not Disturb, Away, and Offline. For example, whenever you have a meeting scheduled, you will automatically appear as away from your desk as “in a meeting” without needing to remember to change it yourself.  This feature also allows you to check an individual’s availability before calling. If you want to ensure you are not disturbed, you can override this setting with a click of your mouse and appear as “away” or “offline” if you so choose.

Support Contacts

Help Desk
Partner Support

To report an issue please submit a ticket  & include the following information:

  • Operating system & version
  • Skype for Business client version
  • Physical location
  • Wired or wireless connection
  • Screenshot if possible
  • Detailed description of the problem


Service Charges or Fees

There are no fees for this service. 


Requesting Service

To request Skype for Business please complete the Vanderbilt Telephone Request Form


What You Can Request

Mobile and Desktop Skype Client
Skype Enterprise Voice
Voice over IP (VoIP)
Response Group (and agents)
Video Conference Recording via Skype
Video Conferencing, Presentation, Polling
Instant Messaging
Desktop Sharing
Outlook Integration
File Sharing
Document Collaboration


Documentation and Service Information Links

Skype for Business Options

For Personal Computers (PCs):

  1. Skype for Business Standard is available at no charge. Services include:
    • Client-to-client audio
    • Instant messaging
    • Desktop & file sharing
    • Outlook integration

  2. Skype for Business Unified Communications (UC) includes additional features not available in the Standard. This requires the purchase of a device if you need a standalone phone. Skype for Business phones and headsets can be obtained using the Vanderbilt Telephone Request Form . Features include:
    • Unique phone number
    • Make/Receive calls
    • Transfer, redirect, forward calls to another phone
    • Group video/audio conferencing
    • Manage voicemail in Outlook

  3. For Macintosh:
    • Improved meeting experiences
    • Instant messaging, chat history, and presence status
    • Add/remove contact groups and distribution lists

Web Scheduling

Skype for Business Client Downloads


Skype for Business FAQ

Phone Documentation

VUIT offers two types of phones: the Polycom VVX411 and the Polycom VVX601. The VVX411 is for general use and common-area phones, while the VVX601 is the premium business model

VVX411 and VVX601 User Guide

VVX411 Quick Start Guide

VVX601 Quick Start Guide

VVX411 Cheat Sheet

VVX601 Cheat Sheet




Legacy Phones:

CX600 User Guide

CX600 Cheat Sheet

CX600 Reset Instructions



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Service Category

Communication and Collaboration