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AT&T Conferencing

Service Description

AT&T Web Meeting Service is an interactive presentation and collaborative tool which combines audio conferencing and data sharing through the power of the Internet. It allows you to easily and effectively present documents, diagrams, and illustrations to your employees, vendors, and customers. AT&T Web Meeting Service is designed to facilitate the presentation of documents from remote locations in combination with AT&T Audio Teleconference Services. AT&T Conferencing is available to Vanderbilt University faculty and staff; authentication is required.


Support Contact  
(888) 793-6118 or (678) 749-8002


Service Charges or Fees

AT&T provides this service with per-minute, per-participant charges. 


Requesting Service

Request AT&T Conferencing via the  SerVU Voice Services Catalog

Voice Services Catalog Picture
Clicking the link above will take you to a login page. After logging in, click on the "Voice Services Catalog" link in the upper left side of your screen. Once in the catalog, click on "Consulting" and select "AT&T Conferencing." After your request is submitted, you will receive a confirmation email.


What You Can Request

Web meeting
Audio conferencing


Documentation and Service Information Links

AT&T Business Collaboration and Conferencing


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Service Category

Collaboration and Communication