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Cortana Daily Briefing

Service Description

Cortana sends a personalized briefing email with tasks and commitments you made and a convenient way to mark them as done or schedule focus time to get them done. It also includes a summary of your meetings and relevant documents for your day. Cortana extracts information from a user’s email messages and stores it in their Exchange Online mailbox until it is consolidated into the Briefing email. At no time is personal data accessible outside of your Exchange Online mailbox.

If you would like more information from Microsoft please follow this link Briefing email overview - Cortana | Microsoft Docs.

Support Contacts

Help Desk

Service Charges or Fees

There are no fees for this service. 

Requesting Service

You are automatically subscribed to Cortana Daily Briefings as part of the VMail service for Faculty and Staff Email.

If you prefer to opt out of receiving these email messages, you may do so by scrolling to the bottom of one of the Cortana briefing email messages and selecting 'Unsubscribe.’ At any time you can visit the following website, login if necessary, and click the 'Unsubscribe' button.

Documentation and Service Information Links

Briefing email overview - Cortana | Microsoft Docs

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