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Toll-Free Number Services

Service Description

Acquire or manage a toll-free U.S. telephone number for incoming calls. The owner of the toll-free number is billed for the long-distance charges for all incoming calls. This service is also known as an incoming 800 number or a toll-free number. Toll-Free Number Services are available to Vanderbilt University and Vanderbilt University Medical Center faculty and staff. 

Support Contact

Telephone Repair Service: 1-1611 or 615-421-1611 

Service Charges or Fees

All calls are billed for long-distance charges on a per-minute basis. 

Requesting Service

  • Toll-Free 1-800/866/877/888 Access: To provide toll-free inbound long distance service, administrators can obtain a toll-free number which is assigned to a specific department. Charges for calls placed to a department's toll-free number are billed by Vanderbilt Information Technology. Departments are charged 11 cents per minute for incoming toll-free calls.
    Voice Services Catalog Picture
    Request a toll-free number via the  SerVU Voice Services Catalog.    Clicking the link will take you to a login page. After logging in, click on the "Voice Services Catalog" link in the upper-left side of your screen. Once in the catalog, click on "Misc. Phones/Services" and select "Toll-Free Number" under "Type." After your request is submitted, you will receive a confirmation email. 

What You Can Request

Install Toll-Free Number
Remove Toll-Free Number
Change Extension for Toll-Free Number  



Service Category

Collaboration and Communication