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SSL VPN for Mobile Devices

As of March 18, 2019, Duo Multi-Factor Authentication is  required   to use the Pulse VPN service.  For more information and to enroll in Duo, please visit:  Multi-Factor Authentication


iOS and Android users can now VPN into the Vanderbilt network via the Pulse Secure SSL VPN. Not only does it work over a WiFi connection, it works with your mobile device's data network as well.


1. If you have an older Junos Pulse client installed on your device, delete the Junos Pulse client. If you already have the most recent Pulse Secure app installed, skip to step 5.

2. Install the Pulse Secure app from the App Store or Playstore on your mobile device by doing a search for Pulse Secure.

Pulse Secure App

3. Once installed, launch the app.

4. At the welcome screen, enter Hit Submit. Enter a connection name if desired and hit Save or Add.

Pulse Secure iOS setup Pulse Secure iOS setup

5. If you already have the app installed or wish to add a new connection, launch the app and tap the globe icon, then the "+" icon.

Pulse Secure iOS setup

Pulse Secure iOS setup

6. Add a new connection as shown below.

Pulse Secure iOS setup 

7. Once the configuration information has been entered, simply tap Connect to join the network. You will be prompted for your username (VUnetID) and password. Once authenticated, tap Proceed.

8. While connected, you will see a VPN indicator as shown below:

connected    connected

9. You can now press the Home button to leave the Pulse Secure interface to access resources that require the VPN connection.

10. To disconnect from the VPN service, open Pulse Secure and tap Disconnect.