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Cloud Hosting Monitoring

Service Description

VUIT Cloud Services can provide usage, system health, security, and spend monitoring on a full suite of Amazon Web Services (AWS) offerings. 

Native AWS services such as CloudTrail and CloudWatch allow layers of visibility into your Cloud environment.  For instance, CloudTrail logs all account activity through both command line and console history, making it simple to audit events and monitor for security compliance. If a security vulnerability is detected, CloudWatch events integration can trigger a specific workflow to contain and react to the threat. CloudWatch makes it simple to troubleshoot applications and check on server metrics with down-to-one-second granularity.

VUIT also offers some Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions, including AppDynamics. VUIT also offers Log aggregate options including Graylogs (open source) and Splunk.  

Support Contact

VUIT Cloud Services team 

Service Charges or Fees

AWS Monitoring services can be used on both resources in the cloud and on-premises.  Monitoring services have variable costs that are determined through consultation.  Examples of pricing can be found below:
AWS CloudTrail pricing
Amazon CloudWatch pricing

Requesting the Service

Contact your IT Relationship Manager to initiate a consultation for Cloud Hosting Monitoring. 

What You Can Request

Alarms (triggered by a defined event, such as CPU utilization, or a health check failure)
Budgets (including setting your own budget and receiving notifications at 25%, 50%, 75% of budget, etc.)
Performance Metrics (statistics, graphs and other metrics on the perfomance of your instances)

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