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Malware Prevention

Security Operations has implemented a malware prevention service for the Vanderbilt community. Malware prevention has several benefits--  including an increased Internet connection speed and secure browsing to protect against malware-infected websites.

Malware only - This service is automatically afforded to any user connected to Vanderbilt's network. Malware prevention blocks websites that are known to contain viruses and other malware, as well as those used for phishing attacks. It includes Botnet protection, Internet-scale malware/botnet protection, and phishing protection.

Malware and content filtering - This additional service provides all the protection included in the malware-only service, plus malware prevention blocks categories of sites that could potentially violate Vanderbilt policy as well as Federal and State law.

Note: Since blocking is conducted by categories, sites that you might need to accomplish your job may be inadvertently blocked. Security Operations also has an intrusion prevention system (IPS) deployed monitors and interdicts malicious network traffic.

Available to:
Vanderbilt community

How to get it:
Malware prevention is already provided.

For malware and content filtering, please contact your Customer Relationship Manager 

Full Details:
Malware prevention maintains a listing of sites that host malware designed to steal your information and identity. When you go to a website, malware prevention will determine if the site is hosting malware. If the site is clean, your connection is established. If the site is infected, your connection is blocked and you will see a webpage indicating the reason for the block.

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