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Secure File Transfer

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Security Operations has implemented a secure file transfer (SFT) service solution to meet the privacy needs of Vanderbilt faculty and staff.  This service is used to help preserve data confidentiality and integrity when transfering files.


  • Web Browser - Use Microsoft Internet Explorer web browserMS
  • Outlook Plugin - Use Microsoft Outlook Plug-in to send files directly from your email.  The plugin is not available to MAC users.

Available to:

Vanderbilt Community

How to get it:

  • Web Browser - You already have an account. Go to Accellion Site and login
  • Outlook Plugin - Contact the VUMC Help Desk to submit a request for Accellion Outlook plugin.

Full Details:

  • The web browser connects to the SFT service using SSL encryption. 
  • The browser allows uploading or downloading of files
  • Recipients are notified of available file
  • Sender is notified when recipient downloads a file
  • The Outlook plugin sends the file(s) encrypted from within the email client.
  • Max file storage capacity per user = 5000MB 
  • Files less then 2048MB expire after 30 days
  • Files greater then 2048MB expire after 7 days. 
  • **If user receives an error messages that reports not sufficient space, his or her account capacity (5000MB) is full and requires manual deletion of files that have not expired and/or wait until files have expired.

If more in-depth instructions are required, please view the full manual at:

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