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Vulnerability Scans


Security Operations conduct vulnerability scans against a host or set of hosts. Based on the needs of the requestor. a detailed analysis of the vulnerabilities found will be provided. Security Operations will provide recomendations to help minimize the threat posed by the vulnerabilities.


  1. Single One Time Scan
  2. Reoccurring scan on defined interval

Available to:
Vanderbilt Community

How to get it:
For a one time scan of a host or set of hosts place a ticket with VU or VUMC Help Desk

  1. IP address(es) of host(s) to be scanned
  2. If a host based Firewall is installed, coordinate with ENS to make an exception for the scanner appliance
  3. If the scan should be completed off hours please indicate as such
  4. Any other special options or requests concerning this scan
  5. For reoccurring scans please contact your Customer Relationship Manager.

Full Details:
Information on Reoccurring Scans:

  1. Reoccurring scans must be coordinated through your Customer Relationship Manager.
  2. Scans can take place at set intervals as often as the requestor would desire
  3. Scans can be scheduled for during and after hours

General Information on Scanning:

  1. Scans can be requested to be scheduled for after hours
  2. Various option profiles can be set with the scanners
  3. Keep in mind that security scans can impact the performance and availability of some devices.
  4. If you need a vulnerability assessment completed for auditing or compliance purposes please contact Customer Relationship Manager.