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Threat Monitoring, Detection, and Response (TMDR)

Service Description

The Threat Monitoring, Detection, and Response (TMDR) service is provided to Vanderbilt University by the Security Assessment and Incident Response (SAIR) team. This service encapsulates various cybersecurity related functions (i.e. subservices) that monitor, detect, respond to, and reduce risk from adverse cybersecurity events or cybersecurity incidents 1  that may negatively impact any part of the University, its students, faculty, staff, or data. 

Support Contacts  

Service Charges or Fees

There are currently no service charges or fees for this service. 

Requesting Service

If you believe you are experiencing a cybersecurity incident please contact as soon as possible. 

Please leave the computer, device, etc. powered on and use it as little as possible. If possible, please don’t use the device at all before contacting .

Documentation and Service Information

1 Cybersecurity Incident:  “a violation or imminent threat of violation of computer security policies, acceptable use policies, or standard security practices” – NIST 800-261, Computer Security Incident Handling Guide.

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Service Category