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Vanderbilt IT Strategic Plan


  Strategy Infographic


The VUIT Strategic Plan is our team road map that will not only shape the direction of VUIT for the coming years, but also serve as a collective blueprint for the future. The plan is driven by 4 strategic priorities, 14 strategic goals, and approximately 60 strategic tasks. The success of the Strategic Plan relies on all of VUIT and will require many different teams to work collaboratively, cooperatively, and closely together. 











VUIT Strategic Priorities infographic text 


 News & Updates
  • Beginning in January, VUIT will have an extensive database of customer area profiles that include key contact names and roles, key initiatives, builiding locations, websites, and active projects or efforts with VUIT.   
  • The Project Management Office revamped the customer satisfaction survey to gauge satisfaction with the knowledge, skill, and ability of the project management and technical teams.  

Customer Satisfaction Survey


Monthly dashboard

Strategy Dashboard

Engage VU Strategic Plan

Enhance VUIT's support of the university by increasing our services and value to customers 

Engage VU Strategic Plan

Strategic Goals:

1. Align VUIT with institutional goals

2. Communicate actively and effectively to the broad VU community

3. Demonstrate customer focus by actively engaging client agenda



Assure a first-class workforce in a first-class workplace

Attract, Develop, and Retain Distinctive TalentStrategic Goals:

1. Enhance and articulate a competitive employee value proposition

2. Assure the growth and development of a diverse team

3. Empower our team to grow thier skill sets

4. Equip our people with the tools to understand, evolve, and promote our services



Provide speed to value technology

Deliever Outstanding Technical AgendaStrategic Goals:

1. Establish an Architecture Review Board to align technology to business strategy

2. Assure reliable, accessible, serviceable, and secure technology infrastructure

3. Identify and reduce IT risk in the delivery of our products and service

4. Understand and pilot key emerging technologies


Elevate Customer-Focused service

Radically inflect our processes, roles, and language towards customer accessibility and visibility

Customer-Focused Service

Strategic Goals:

1. Improve each customer contact technique and effectively integrate them

2. Develop a culture to drive continuous service improvement

3. Expand self-service capabilities with technologies, including AI