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Physical Colocation Services

What is a physical co-location?

Vanderbilt University departments can request having a rack-mountable server placed in the VUIT Data Center. Benefits of, alternatives, and fees for this service are detailed below.

Co-location is especially appropriate for high-reliability mission-critical servers, large computational systems, or dedicated systems with special needs that cannot be accommodated by a virtual server.

Departmental server collocation in the NOC Data Center includes:

  • Electrical power (208V single phase. 110V is available; additional fees may apply)
  • Cooling
  • Gigabit network connectivity and bandwidth (customer pays one-time fee for gigabit port)
  • 24 hour access for customer-approved server administrators
  • Firewall protection
  • Basic monitoring of server functionality (e.g., server heartbeat)
  • Protected physical access
  • Enhanced security monitoring
  • Fire protection

Requirements for co-location:

  • Contact information for server administrators and departmental business manager must be kept current at all times.
  • Server information (OS, patch level, etc.) must be kept current at all times.
  • Server must meet rack mount specifications and must use rails. No shelves are permitted.
  • Security vulnerabilities will be assessed by the VUIT Security team before installation and throughout tenancy. Identified vulnerabilities must be mitigated before the server can be joined to or returned to the production network.
  • Co-located servers are sequestered together in a specific VLAN on the Vanderbilt network to provide additional security for all VUIT customers.

Important notes:

  • All racking and unracking is performed by NOC analysts.
  • VUIT reserves the right to specify rack location.
  • VUIT does not guarantee that future expansions will be adjacent to existing equipment. Space in the Data Center cannot be reserved.
  • Management ports will be connected to a private network.
  • The customer is responsible for data removal/sanitizing of device and proper disposal at the time of decommission.

Cost (additional fees may apply; charges are subject to change at any time)

There is a one-time fee of $350 per gigabit network port. There are no recurring charges.

How to request this service

VUMC department representatives should submit an order using  the  VUMC eProcurement Page .  VU users must submit the  Vanderbilt Telephone Request Form. To learn more about the VUIT Co-location Service, contact your Customer Relationship Manager.