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DNS Monitor

The staff of the VUIT Network Operations Center monitors the network and critical servers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The VUIT Network Management System (NMS) is capable of remotely monitoring the network connectivity of any IP-capable server system, either via ICMP (ping) or SNMP polling. In particular, this service is available for servers anywhere on VUnet, not just those hosted in the NOC or owned by VUIT. This service is provided at no cost and includes round-the-clock alerting of the owner-designated system administrator(s).

For more information contact:

  • VUIT Partner Support - 615-343-9999
  • NOC - 615-322-2954 (2-2954 on campus) [VUIT - After hours emergency help]
  • Submit a request


What does VUIT provide within the NOC facility?

VUIT provides a professional network component monitoring service from its Network Operations Center (NOC). The NOC facility is staffed twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year (24x365). Operators are prepared to execute the notification procedures specified by the customers of this service.

What are the costs?

Revenues from IDS paying units fund VUIT services. There are no ongoing charges for remote monitoring services to IDS payers. VUIT needs only to recover one-time and/or out-of-pocket expenses. One-time remote monitoring costs may include SNMP client licenses, and initial set-up consulting time charges by members of Network Design and Engineering.

What are the owner's responsibilities?

The owners of monitored systems must provide written instructions for the NOC operations staff on what action to take in the case of an alarm. This action may vary with time of day, day of week or any other known parameter. The owners are responsible for keeping these instructions current.

The owners may have to install SNMP agents or make other administrative changes to their servers to participate in this service. An initial coordinated test will be necessary to insure everything is working. An occasional coordinated test is recommended to insure everything continues to work.

Owners must notify the NOC in advance of scheduled downtime or reboots.

What are the limits on this service?

While VUIT believes remote system monitoring can provide substantial benefit, VUIT is not in a position to assume overall responsibility for, or support of, monitored systems. VUIT is only responsible for the service infrastructure outlined in this offering. In the rare event of a failure of VUIT to do what it said it would do under this written service offering, VUIT guarantees that, within its ability, every effort will be made to correct the situation.

  1. VUIT cannot be responsible for any form of application, database or system administration. VUIT is not responsible for security or the safeguarding of data on monitored systems. It is assumed that the administrators of theses systems will have appropriate back-up processes, anti-viral software and security patches in place.
  2. Remote monitoring is intended to provide some indication of whether a machine is alive and responding. Because a machine responds to a ping or an SNMP request, it does not imply that the applications are running. Even if the applications are running they may not be functioning correctly. Therefore, remote monitoring is limited in its ability to indicate the state of a service.
  3. Remote monitoring does not imply that the machine and/or service it provides is reachable by other than the monitoring system in the VUIT NOC. Portions of VUnet or the Internet, other than the path between the monitored server and the NOC monitoring system, may be down.
  4. This offer is currently limited to school or departmental servers as opposed to desktop systems even if they are performing file sharing or other server-like functions.
  5. In unusual circumstances, SNMP agents may fail and cause false alarms. Likewise, false alarms may be created if system owners take their systems down or off the net without notifying the NOC. Owners must be willing to accept that false alarms, while unusual, do happen.
  6. VUIT cannot be responsible for its actions or inaction if the owner-supplied instructions for what to do in an alarm situation are not current.
  7. In the unlikely event that the NOC is substantially damaged or destroyed, VUIT will make a best effort to restore services starting with those deemed critical to the functioning of the University. Remote system monitoring may not be high on the list.
  8. VUIT cannot be responsible for the monitored system owner's business continuity or any losses directly or indirectly associated with use of VUIT remote system monitoring.

The statements in this document constitute the entire offering. No verbal statements by any party may amend this offering. Additions, deletions or changes to this offering may only be made, in writing, case-by-case, and signed by all concerned parties. The execution of an VUIT Network Operations Center Services Agreement is necessary to take advantage of this offer.