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Virtual Machine Request

Service Description

VUIT Hosting Services Virtualization Team – Virtual Machines

VUIT Hosting Services Virtualization team provide virtual machines with scalable resources (CPU, memory, storage) to meet application requirements.

What is a virtual machine?

A virtual machine is a software implementation of a physical machine. Operating systems and applications on physical servers typically utilize a fraction of the available resources. The hypervisor separates the virtual machine from physical hardware dependencies and takes advantage of unused resources by sharing them with multiple VMs. Virtualization provides resiliency as virtual machines can be moved between hosts in the event of a host failure minimizing or avoiding downtime for the guest virtual machine.

Note: Servers with need for special hardware such as USB or PCI devices may require a physical server and may not be an ideal candidate for virtualization.

Additional Services:

Snapshots: A snapshot preserves the virtual machine at a point in time regardless of the power state of the VM and is often used prior to an operating system or application configuration change such as patching or application upgrades. Reverting to a snapshot will restore the system to the point in time when the snapshot was taken and a last known good state. Snapshot deletion occurs every two weeks. To request a snapshot, please visit the following link:

Virtual Server Request

Backups: VUIT provides backups. More information can be found on the Data Backup page.

Requesting Service

To learn more about VUIT Hosting Services Virtualization team virtual machines, contact your Relationship Manager.