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Internet Protocol (IP) Allocation

Service Description

The Vanderbilt University Information Technology department (VUIT) automatically provisions and allocates dynamic private internet protocol (IP) addresses to devices that connect to the network. 

For most users this is more than sufficient to use the Vanderbilt network, however some users may have unique needs that require their device to have a static ip address.

Users may request private or public static IP Addresses if they require them.  Public Static IP address(es) are only issued when they are required for business operations.  Public Static IP addresses will require an approved exception request as described below (Requesting Service).

This advertised service applies to all Vanderbilt University computing devices.



Public IP address

An Internet Protocol (IP) address that can be accessed from other devices on the Internet without initiating the communication.

Private IP address

An Internet Protocol (IP) address range that is not exposed to the Internet. These addresses can be used to access services on the Internet when the device initiates the communication.


Devices using a public IP address are at a higher risk of compromise by external entities.  They not only pose a risk to themselves but also serve as an attack vector into other systems in Vanderbilt University’s computer network.

Support Contact

If additional help is needed, please contact Help Desk.

Requesting Service

Note: To perform the actions below, user must be on a Vanderbilt University network or connected to the Vanderbilt VPN:

  • To request a public Dynamic IP address(es) for specific residential housing purposes (e.g., game systems):

    Submit a general network request via SerVU

  • To request a private Static IP address(es) :

    Fill out the form found here

  • To request a public Static IP address(es):

    1.  Fill out the form found here (full path below). Note:  You will need the generated ticket number in the step below.
    2.  Submit a Public Static IP exception request using this form (full path found below). The IP Request Ticket number generated in Step #1 will need to be used in this request form.

Private Static IP requests will be reviewed and processed by Network Services.  All public Static IP requests will be reviewed by VUIT Security. If approved the IP Request will be fulfilled by Network Services.  Requestors will be contacted at each review/process state.

Service Charges or Fees

There are no charges or fees for this service. 

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