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VUmailguard is an integral part of the Vanderbilt email service with the intention of keeping Vanderbilt's network healthy, safe, secure, and useful by offering protection from viruses, malware, and unsolicited email (spam). Powered by Microsoft Office 365's Exchange Online Protection (EOP) engine, this cloud-based email filtering service detects nefarious or spam email messages and holds them in containment (or quarantine) for 15 days. Each day that a message has been identified as nefarious or as spam, mailbox owners will receive a spam notification digest summarizing the activities that have occurred over the previous 24-hours. Here is an example of the spam notification digest:

Spam Notification


Although the spam notification digest is a friendly reminder of the previous 24-hours of quarantine activities, messages held in quarantine can be accessed at any time, as long as the message is not older than 15-days. To access your quarantined email messages now, please click on the following link: Office 365 Security & Compliance Quarantine

This requires a valid Vanderbilt email account ( and password.


Safe Senders List is a way to offer users a self-service toolbox for filtering unwanted emails or always allowing (or whitelisting) an email sender. For instructions on how to perform these actions, please visit the following link: How to add recipients of my email messages to the Safe Senders List


To find out more about the innerworkings of Microsoft Office 365's EOP, please click the following link: Exchange Online Protection overview