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Quick Help

Q: I received the message "The administrator has made a change to your mailbox and you must restart Outlook", what does this mean? Answer

A: This message occurs when your mailbox is moved from one mailbox server to another while you were connected to it. In most cases, Exiting from Outlook and restarting Outlook will get you back into your mailbox.

Attention Office Communicator (OC) Users: If you also use Office Communicator, you must Exit both Outlook and OC before starting Outlook again. Simply clicking on the "X" in OC is not enough. You must choose Exit from the menu that appears when you click on the OC icon in your Task Bar. For best results, restart your computer before opening Outlook again.

Q: Are there limits to the size/number of messages I can send?

A: For more information visit the Message Size Limit page.