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Junk E-mail FAQ

Q: My Junk E-mail filter is turned on, but I previously turned it off and I discovered good email is being filtered to junk. How did that happen?

A: Microsoft recommended security updates to the Junk E-mail filter sometimes reset the junk filter back to the default filtering which is “low”. If you apply an update, if your machine is set to update automatically, or your local support provider subscribes to an update service, your settings may have been returned to the default. Follow the instructions below for your Outlook version to reset your JunkE-mail filter.

Q: I am missing email and discovered it is in my Outlook Junk E-mail folder. I believe my Junk E-mail filter in Outlook is turned off.  How can I check the status?

A: To check the status of your Junk E-mail filter see the instructions below. For more information on junk email filtering in Outlook go here:

Outlook 2007

First click on Actions, go down to Junk Email, and select Junk E-mail Options.

From there you can select the different options for customizing the Junk Folder options.

Outlook 2010

On the Home menu, click Junk, then Junk E-mail options and select the level of filtering you desire