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Vmail: Accessing a Shared Mailbox with Entourage 2008

Adding a Shared Exchange Mailbox (SEM) to your Entourage requires modifications to your Vmail account settings. Follow the instructions in the  Add a Shared Exchange Mailbox  section to add an SEM to your Entourage client. These instructions assume that you are running the Web Services Edition of Entourage.

If you have been granted Send As rights to an SEM, you can send email from the SEMs email address.

Add a Shared Exchange Mailbox 

    1. From the Entourage menu, select Account Settings.




Double-click on your previously added VMail account.

  1. You will presented with the Edit Account window. Choose the Delegate Button. Then, under Users I am a delegate for, click the Add...button.

  2. You will be presented with a search dialog for SEMs. Type in the desired SEM email address and clickFind. Finally, click on the proper email address and then OK.

  3. You will return to the Edit Account window. Just click OK to close. Finally, close (X) the Account Settings window.

  4. All new message windows will now include the From field. If the From field is left untouched, your personal address will be used by default. SEM addresses will only be used if specified.