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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have not previously connected to vuNet or have devices (gaming consoles, smart devices, etc.) that need to be registered, start at


Q - My device will not connect or stay connected.

When troubleshooting erratic behavior of your device while connecting with the wireless network, always check with your device manufacturer to make sure you are using the latest software drivers for your wireless card. Many issues are solved by simply upgrading your drivers to the latest revision. Do not depend on Windows Update to update Windows wireless drivers.


Q – Does vummiv work better than vuNet?

No, vuNet requires you to authenticate, giving the impression vummiv is faster. However, the enterprise SSIDs (vuNet, vuDevices) and the legacy vummiv SSID all utilize the same infrastructure.


Q - Why do we have to stop using vummiv and use vuNet?

vummiv offered no security mechanism to restrict access. Vanderbilt has changed its security model and is now moving to secure its vital resources and protect your personal information while on campus. Once your device is properly configured, you will find using vuNet as easy as vummiv - plus you will be secure. 


Q - Will my AppleTV or other Apple devices work on the wireless network?

Yes, Apple Bonjour with Location Specific Services (LSS) is now available across the university which allows users to browse for Apple wireless services such as AppleTV (AirPlay), AirPrint, and AirTunes. You will only see other Apple Bonjour devices that are in your immediate area, so you cannot see devices in other buildings or even in other areas of your current building.


Q - I cannot get my Google Chromecast device to work on the wireless network.

Chromecast devices are not supported on the wireless network. 


Q - I cannot get a good WiFi signal in my office or dorm room. Can I bring in my personal AP (Linksys, AirPort Express, Netgear, etc.)?

No, these devices can cause major disruption to other users on the wireless network. If you are having issues with wireless connections, contact the VUIT Help Desk at (615) 343-9999 and report a problem with your wireless coverage.


Q - Is it okay to use my personal MiFi devices while at Vanderbilt?

No, these devices can cause severe disruption to other users on the Vanderbilt wireless network. You are also not allowed to turn your phone into a wireless hotspot (PiFi, Wireless Tether, MyWi, Windows Mobile WifiRouter, etc.) for the same reason. For more information about wireless interference and how to avoid this issue, please visit this article.