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Wireless LAN Deployment

As an integral part of the campus network, wireless capability is provided through VUIT. Support for on-campus wireless technology is available through the VUIT Help Desk.
A password is required to login to the VUwireless network. To configure your system, go to the wireless SSID page.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I know if my computer is acting as a Network Bridge?
Check your network settings. 
Some computers that have been brought to campus are configured with both LAN and wireless connections and programmed to bridge traffic between the two. Any time such a machine becomes active with both LAN and wireless connections, it creates a loop causing spanning tree to possibly shut down parts of the network in that segment. At best, this will result in poor performance in part of the network, and at worst, total loss of connectivity in part of the network. Another aspect of this is real poor performance for the user's computer. Please make sure you are not configured to act as a Network Bridge.

How do I get a wireless network installed in my office, suite or building on the central campus?
VUIT  will install and maintain LAN access points for the cost of the hardware, plus installation and any necessary site surveys. To request wireless access points for University Central, please go to e-Procurement and place orders in the VUIT catalog.

How do I get a wireless network installed in my office, suite or building in the Medical Center?
Access Points will be managed and supported by VUIT as an integral component of the Medical Center networking infrastructure. Contact VUIT  at 936-0642.

What is an 'access point'?
A Wireless LAN access point provides the link between the 'wired' and 'wireless' networks, with a transciever for wireless communication and an ethernet jack for connection into the network. The unit is typically attached to a wall or ceiling in a location that best serves the coverage area. Each Access Point will service approximately 10-50 concurrent users based upon the type and volume of information being transmitted.

Can I set-up my own access point?
Personal wireless APs are not allowed. Students should not bring them to campus.

What is involved in the site survey process?
A representative of VUIT will ask a series of questions about your project, environment, applications etc. This information will be used to help design and recommend the best solution for your needs. Once it is agreed that a Wireless solution will meet your needs, a representative will set up a date to return for the site survey. During the site survey, they will check the area to be serviced for radio interference and coverage. They will then determine the number of access points necessary to support the area and where they should be positioned.