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Wireless Services - Location/RFID Tags

VUMC offers Wireless Location Services over our existing 802.11 wireless infrastructure providing the ability to track client devices, assets, patient flow, workflow as well as many other uses.  We leverage our existing wireless network infrastructure which reduces Total Cost of Ownership, making it very affordable for departments to start tracking assets, reducing operational cost while improving healthcare to our patients.  In addition, compliance reports can easily be created to meet regulatory requirements.

It's now relatively inexpensive to start using RFID technology to improve efficiency, all you need is a tag and tag license per device/patient and your ready to bring innovation to your operations.  Each department has access to only see and manage their devices.

Use Cases

There are many possible uses for this RFID and wireless tracking technology.  Here are a few examples of how it can be leveraged to increase your departments efficiency/costs while improving patient care:

  • Asset Management - Many hospitals and clinics use manual processes to locate equipment which can be labor intensive and very ineffient.  Tracking this equipment can make locating very easy, reducing costs of over-purchasing equipment and leasing.  It also reduces the time that staff need to track down equipment, improving their workflow and providing better service to their patients.
  • Temperature and Humidity Monitoring - RFID tags can also be used to monitor environments such as temperature and humidity.  Departments can monitor and log temperatures of refridgerators or humidity levels in ORs.  Pharmaceuticals, organs, blood bags, vaccines call all be monitored to insure compliance and patient safety.  The system will automatically send out notifications for corrective action and everything can be logged for compliance reporting.
  • Patient and Staff Safety - Patients can wear tags so their locations are always known and logged.  Tags can include call buttons so patients can get help fast, no matter their location within the facility.  Even staff can be given tags with call buttons in case they need to get immediate assistance.  The system can also be integrated with our NurseCall system.
  • Patient Flow - Patients can be tracked to show where they are currently located, where they have been and how long they where at each location.  Data can be captured and analyzed to improve workflow, room utilization, and reduce wait times.  The system can also be integrated with any application to update status boards such as WhiteBoard.
  • Infection Control - Infection control is one of the most critical practices in healthcare facilities.  The system can be used to monitor hand hygiene which can be use by infection control to improve compliance and staff education.


AeroScoutThe departmental interface into location services utilizes the AeroScout MobileView application and tags.  AeroScout MobileView was selected because of it industry leading solutions and tight integration with our wireless infrastructure.  MobileView is very customizable and allows complete control of their tracked asset and viewing options/access . . . track, alert, manage and integrate -- all from a single interface.  For more information, visit the AeroScout website.

Behind the Scene

At the heart of our location services, we use the Cisco Mobility Services Engine (MSE) that integrates directly to our 802.11 wireless controllers and Cisco Network Control System (NCS).  The MSE is "aware" of all wireless clients and RFID locations within the medical center.  It passes this location information to the AeroScout Engine in which MobileView allows departments to Track, Alert, Manage, and Integrate for their specific purposes.

Backend Graphic

Wireless Access Points (APs) listen to the signals emitted from the client devices or RFID Tags and passes this information through the wireless controllers to the MSE.  The MSE computes the location coordinates and provide location information onto maps within the NCS.  The AeroScout Engine pulls the location information from the MSE and maps from NCS and presents to the Mobile-View application.  The AeroScout Engine and Mobileview contain all the business logic to make intelligent decisions based on how the departments have set up the system to meet their requirements.


Tags come in a variety of form factors and provide different functions depending on the application requirement.  Here are some examples of the different tags and their uses:

t2"AeroScout T2 Tags are the leading Wi-Fi Tags for RTLS (Real Time Location Systems), with more units deployed than any other tag of its kind. The tag family has proven usability, dependability, scalability and flexibility for a wide variety of industries and applications. With long battery life, convenient sizes, built-in chokepoint capabilities, telemetry functionality and more, the tags are ideal for tracking assets and people for a broad range of applications and business needs."  Read more at

t3"The AeroScout T3 Tag is a feature-rich tag, that has a small, low-profile shape. With its long battery life, convenient small size, built-in choke point capabilities, multiple call-buttons, motion sensor, dual LED indicators, telemetry functionality and more, the T3 Tag enables Unified Asset Visibliity (UAV) solutions that help enterprises improve operational efficiency." Read more at

t4 width="T4 Application Tags feature bi-directional connectivity and security, enabling them to both send and receive information wirelessly over any standard Wi-Fi network. T4 Tags combine bi-directional connectivity and other advanced features to support specific applications and use cases. For instance, a patient in a hospital can request assistance using a tag's call button and receive acknowledgement that help is on the way. In a manufacturing setting, a line operator can use a call button to initiate a parts replenishment process and later receive status updates in the form of blinking colors on the tag's LED." Read more at

Other Tools

MobileView for the Cisco wireless phone

Now you can combine the power of MobileView with the convenience of our Cisco Wireless Phone Services.  With a click of a button, staff can easily find the closest infusion pump, wheel chair, or any other asset that the user has authorization to track.