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Certification Service


LDAP Legacy SHA1 Intermediate
LDAP Legacy SHA1 Root
LDAP SHA2 Intermediate
VUDS Intermediate


Service Description

SSL Certificates can be obtained for identifying trusted websites and servers for both internal and external use. For websites, servers, and services which are intended for Vanderbilt use only, certificates may be requested using the Public Key Infrastructure service, a free service offered by VUIT (details below). For external, or public facing, websites, servers, etc., GeoTrust certificates may be purchased through the  Software Store

Public Key Infrastructure is a free service that allows for identification of internal (Vanderbilt) websites and servers through the issuance of trusted certificates and keys. Examples would be internal websites using SSL/TLS encryption, identification of trusted services/servers, code signing, smart cards, etc. For more information on PKI and how it is used, please consult the Microsoft documentation.

Technical Details using the web enrollment form at the link below, users may request certificates, download root and intermediate certificates (Mac/UNIX/non-AD), or download the certificate revocation list. By logging in with VUnetID and password, you are verifying that you understand this is for Internal Vanderbilt use only. 

Click to go to the VUcert enrollment form

Basic Instructions –

  • To generate CSR, cut/paste, and choose from templates:
  • VU Code Signing – code, widgets, applications
  • VU Exchange Signature Only – email signature assuring identity of sender
  • VU Web Server – web server SSL certificates and/or service identification
  • Name = website name
  • Country = 2-letter country code

Non-Active Directory joined machines will need to install the root certificate chain into the proper key store. Firefox and Java key stores may also need to be updated with the root certificate. Follow the link above and "Download a CA certificate, certificate chain, or CRL" and download the CA certificate chain. 

For additional help, please contact your Customer Relationship Manager.