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Managed Storage

What are My Options for Disk Storage?

VUIT offers two product offerings to meet disk storage needs. One is a Storage Area Network (SAN). The SAN solution attaches to a computer or server and appears as a locally attached network drive. SAN is typically used for high performance database systems.

Our other product offering is Network Attached Storage (NAS). The NAS solution connects directly to the network to provide centralized storage. The NAS solution is typically used for file serving without a file server.

For more information about SAN and NAS, see the Product Description in Quick Links.

Managed Storage Product Offering Details

  1. SAN Storage
  2. NAS Storage
  3. Additional Services
    1. Professional Services
    2. SAN Connectivity
    3. Host Bus Adaptor

For additional details, see the Service Level Agreement (SLA) and product description in the Quick Links box.

How to Request Service

A department representative can complete an order in the VUIT product and services catalog in eProcurement at:
To learn more about the VUIT Co-location Service, contact your Customer Relationship Manager.

Glossary of Terms

  • "University Community" means Vanderbilt University students, faculty, and staff.
  • "Virtual Machine" (VM) is used to describe a virtual host provided by the Virtual Server (VS).
  • "Virtual Server" (VS) is the physical host of Virtual Machines.
  • "Managed Storage" refers to storage provided by the Service Provider. 
  • Storage Area Network (SAN) is an architecture to attach remote computer storage devices such as disk arrays, tape libraries and optical jukeboxes to servers. In such a way to the operating system, the devices appear as locally attached devices.
  • Network-attached Storage (NAS) is the name given to dedicated data storage technology which can be connected directly to a computer network to provide centralized data access and storage to heterogeneous network clients. Logical Unit Number (LUN) is an address for an individual disk drive and by extension, the disk device itself. LUNs are normally not entire disk drives but rather virtual partitions (or volumes) of a RAID set.
  • "Tape Backup" refers to a service whereby data is archived onto magnetic tape and is covered by the Managed Backup product description and service level agreement.
  • "Technical specifications" of these services are expected to change over time and can change during the course of the contract. It is also possible for there to be more than one set of technical specifications within this service at a particular time.
  • Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) consists of the practices that facilitate operation storage management. These include the principles that guide ILM; the storage management tools and practices; database management practices; system performance and monitoring; system configuration; capacity planning; and business controls. Business controls generally include chargeback, costing and P&L.



Services and Pricing (reviewed annually)

  • SAN Storage
    $4.00/GB/year + $1.00/GB for backup
  • NAS Storage
  • Additional Services
    • Professional Services     $100.00/hour
    • SAN Connectivity          $1500.00/port
    • Host Bus Adaptor          $1000.00/card