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Streaming Media Services

All services listed below are available to the entire Vanderbilt community and are free of charge.  They do not currently include the following: recording not intended for streaming, audio or video post production, hard copy media creation or web design services. Please contact your local technical support or engage commercial service providers for assistance with those needs.

Event Capture

Our standard setup utilizes a single 16x9 format AVCHD video camera on a tripod and a wireless lavalier (tie clip) microphone; we can also take input from external audio sources when circumstances permit. Event capture falls into two primary categories, archive-only and live plus archive (live streaming is required for "overflow" streaming to augment seating space in the originating venue.)  More than 95% of events historically require only creation of an archive file and do not need to be live streamed.  The service is available for one or two events at any given time, depending on staff and resource availability.  One of our staff must always be present to operate the equipment.

Delayed event (archived) streaming - The event is recorded and converted to an mp4 file with H.264 video and mp3 audio as soon as possible after the event, usually within 1-2 business days.  An Ethernet connection is not required for this type of service, so delayed streaming events can be captured from on- or off-campus locations. We do not currently host streaming links, so for either live or delayed streaming the requester must create their own web page for viewing or coordinate with Public Affairs for hosting on VUCast. (We can provide the proper links to embed for live streaming and/or archive streaming files, and if needed, a short block of code to create a Flash player on the page.)

Live streaming - We can live stream in the Flash (VP6) format for events originating at locations served by Vanderbilt networking and simultaneously capture content for archiving in mp4 format as described above. It is important to determine whether the site location has an active Ethernet connection within reasonably close proximity to the required location of the camera tripod since wireless coverage is not sufficient for this purpose. (This means outdoor recording is generally not possible.) Creating awareness of the event through email, social media and/or web postings is also the responsibility of the requester and is important to ensure an online audience for the event.

Event Capture Request form

NOTE: Before filling out this form, please ensure you have the consent of the presenter or subjects to be streamed and/or recorded. A copy of the standard release form used by Public Affairs can be found here. This link is provided as a courtesy; obtaining a signed release is not required to use our services.

Streaming Content Storage

We maintain a Network Attached Storage (NAS) fileshare mounted by all of our streaming servers to which you may upload media files sized and formatted for streaming.  We highly recommend use of the mp4 format with H.264 video and mp3 or AAC audio with an aggregate bitrate of 500-700kbps. Automated transcoding software is available that will convert almost all file types (except Flash VP6 and Real Media) to this format . Requests of this type are generally completed within one business day, subject to staff availability.  Our current policy is to retain content indefinitely at the discretion of the user with the expectation that the owner will remove files which are not currently linked from an active web page. 

Storage Request form