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Contact Center

The Vanderbilt Contact Center provides support and customer contact for the Vanderbilt Community by enabling customers to access services 24/7/365.  With the implementation of Amcom's operator console software, our representatives are able to manage the high volume of incoming calls without using multiple systems for transferring calls, paging staff, speed dialing and utilizing directory lookup for VUMCVanderbilt University and Children's Hospital.

Contact Information:
VUIT Operator Services
Phone: (615) 322-2608
Fax: (615) 343-1717

Ronnie McDowell Director 2-6079
Myrna Weinzetl Quality Assurance/Education Coordinator 2-2608
Jason Keeler Computer Systems Analyst 3-7414
Shirley Stewart Supervisor 2-2608 shirley.l.stewart@Vanderbilt.Edu
Ruby Dill Supervisor 2-2608


ANSWER AND PROCESS INBOUND CALLS (approximately 5,000-6,000 calls per day):
-Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) main published number - 322-5000
-Vanderbilt University main published number - 322-7311
-Children's Hospital (VCH) - 936-1000
-Directory information line - 1-1411
-Direct attendant calls (zero for Operator)
-Inbound Skype calls
-Answer, hold, page and connect calls for over 500 interns and resident doctors

-Call 34(3-6048) to reach a conference call operator.
-Provide conference call hosting to the Vanderbilt Community at no charge.
-Facilitate conference calls with multiple participants.
-Schedule calls up to 30 days in advance. 

-Provide overhead paging service for VUMC and VCH for patient related emergencies, red alerts, mass casualties and other emergency situations. 
-Non-emergency overhead paging for announcements approved by Hospital Administration.

-Maintain current beeper database for VUMC and VCH physicians, house staff, administrators and staff.
-Provide pager forwarding services for Admitting and Consult beepers and on-call rotation changes as requested.
-Provide text and numeric paging services for VUMC and VCH physicians, house staff, administrators and staff.

-Maintain and verify current on-call information for over 200 Medical Center services.
-Provide daily on-call information to physicians, nursing staff, admitting and emergency services.

*Yearly House Staff Information - Compile and maintain a "master" list of incoming house staff (approx. 500), referencing pertinent information (name, title, service, beeper, associated rotation schedule)

*Monthly House Staff Information - Compile and maintain a comprehensive beeper directory, indicating the monthly rotation of residents, fellows, interns and attendings, referencing appropriate beepers and on-call schedules

-Provide information regarding Vanderbilt Community Events to faculty, staff and students. (e.g. directions, parking locations & game times)