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Global Navigator 11.5.51 FAQ

Whom do I contact with questions about the GNAV client? 
Please call (615) 343-9999 with any questions concerning Global Navigator.

What is the pricing for my department?
There is no up-front cost for GNAV. There is a recurring monthly charge of $50 per machine.

What is the address of the GNAV server?

How can I close the GNAV client?
Click the “X” in the upper right-corner of the application or select File > Exit from the main menu.

Where can I find user/support documentation? 
Click HELP on the main menu or GUIDE in the client application.

Can I sort by any of the default Realtime column views?
Yes. You can sort any column ascending or descending by clicking on the column header.

When agents log on or log off their telephones I cannot see this action in the Realtime “Agent Stats” window.
Check your screen refresh rate in the “Tools” dropdown menu on the GNAV Pro toolbar. Reset the refresh rate to 3 second intervals.