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Using Global Navigator v. 11.5.51 at Vanderbilt

Using Global Navigator v. 11.5.51 at Vanderbilt

Global Navigator v. 11.5.51 is an Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) call center management system. Call center supervisors can see the status of calls and quickly generate reports.

Global Navigator 11.5.51 has lots of features. Two of the best are:

• It is Windows-based, and you navigate with your mouse.
• Report generation is greatly improved and can be done in just one or two mouse clicks.

For Frequently Asked Questions, see the FAQs.

For additional help, select "Help" on the GNAV main menu or "Guide" within the application, or call
(615) 343-9999.

For in-depth information, refer to the documentation below.

GNAV Reports Manual (.pdf) - This 346-page manual provides descriptions of each report and parameter (subject, time span, granularity) choices.