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Vanderbilt University Telephone Services and Accessories

VUMC User?  Click here for VUMC Telephone Services and Accessories


  • D-term IP phones
  • NEC Stand Alone D-term IP Softphone
  • D-term IP6 phones
  • Modem/Noset/Fax/Red phones
  • ACDIP Series E
  • Blue light emergency phones
  • Elevator phones
  • Polycom Trio 8500 conference phone $657.39
  • Poly CCX400 Business Media Phone $168
  • Poly CCX500 Business Media Phone $225


When purchasing supplemental devices (headset, speakerphone, etc.), you have a world of choices that are available in wired or wireless models and from a spectrum of manufacturers.  VUIT recommends choosing a device that is compatible with Microsoft Teams.  A listing of Microsoft Teams-compatible headsets can be found on the Microsoft website and ordered from CDWG in the SkyVU punchout.  If you plan on ordering a supplemental device, please be aware that VUIT no longer stocks such items for Vanderbilt University. These items are considered office supplies and can be ordered directly through the procurement punchout in SkyVU .

Telephone Accessories

  • Line appearances
  • Voice mail
  • 12-ft. handset cord
  • 25-ft. handset cord
  • 14-ft. line cord
  • 25-ft. line cord
  • 8 party conference
  • NEC Softphone
  • NEC Softphone Add-on

Toll-Free Numbers

  • Incoming calls $0.11 - $1.67 per minute (pricing varies based on location and phone number)