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Ringdown Circuits

Ringdown circuits are used when you want a telephone to dial a certain number immediately upon lifting the handset or pressing a button. An emergency phone on the street might use a ringdown circuit. It may even use a dedicated line that goes directly to a dispatcher. An elevator phone is another example. A ringdown circuit will also ring until it is answered.

The three primary types of emergency telephones in use on campus. Only the booth type emergency telephones will have handsets, all of the others are speakerphones. Each telephone has specific features to satisfy your needs. The telephones we offer are the models Gai-tronics 284AL and the 283, the Viking E-1600 elevator phone, and the Ramtech emergency phone.

The Gai-tronics 284AL has two buttons, one that will ring the programmed emergency number and the other will let you dial any on-campus extension. The model 283 only has one button that will only dial the programmed emergency number.

The Viking E-1600 elevator and the Ramtech telephones have one button that automatically rings the programmed emergency number when pressed.

If you have a requirement for a emergency phone, please contact VUIT for consultation. This contact should be made as soon as the requirement is known, to help reduce the installation cost.

Key Benefits and Uses

  • Point-to-point communications
  • Courtesy phones
  • Demonstration telecommunications equipment at seminars, meetings, and special events.
  • Direct communication of equipment such as computers and fax machines without dedicated telephone lines.

Monthly Pricing
Blue Light Emergency Lines $31.00
Regular Ringdown lines $26.00