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IP Phones

What is an IP Phone?

IP stands for Internet Protocol. Someone using an IP phone should not notice a difference from a regular phone. The difference is in how communication occurs. Instead of using standard phone lines, IP phones send voice data over the Internet or other IP network.

How do I log in to an IP phone?
When prompted to log in to the DTERM IP phone:
1. Enter the 5-digit extension as your login code and press the Set key.
2. Enter the 5-digit extension again as the password and press the OK key.
When the login code is accepted, the display changes to normal idle status.

 After logging in, can I change the login and password? 

Who should I call if my IP phone needs repair? 
Call the Vanderbilt Information Technology Services (VUIT) telephone repair line at ext. 1-1611.

Will I be able to have an IP phone if I have a static IP number on my PC? 
Yes. IP numbers are assigned to machines not ports, so you can have multiple IP numbers on a single port.

Am I able to move my own phone to a new location? 
Contact VUIT for telephone moves. Because of Emergency 911 (E911) tracking, VUIT must move all telephones to ensure accurate phone location records.

Can IP phones be plugged into each other and share a single port? 

When an IP phone and desktop computer share a data port, which device should be plugged into the port first? 
First plug the IP phone into the wall port. Then plug the desktop computer into the back of the IP phone.