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V-Net: Long Distance, Calling Cards, Toll-free numbers

VUIT provides the long distance service options for Vanderbilt University and Medical Center. The basic options available are the V-Net code and bill-by-extension for on-campus outgoing calls, an AT&T Calling Card for faculty, staff and administrators who travel frequently, and 800/866/877/888 toll-free access for incoming long distance calls.

  • Bill-By-Extension  

    Vanderbilt can bill long distance by the extension of the telephone number, thus foregoing the need for a V-Net long distance code.

    Long distance charges will be billed to the center number that incurs the monthly charges for the telephone.

    To change a telephone from V-net required to bill-by-extension, submit an order. For VU users, submit the Vanderbilt Telephone Request Form. For VUMC users, go to the VUMC eProcurement Page.

    • V-Net

      Long Distance Codes - For Staff and Faculty:

      V-Net authorization codes are issued by Vanderbilt Vanderbilt Information Technology to all faculty, staff or administrators who are authorized to place long distance calls. Billings for V-Net services are forwarded to department administrators monthly and include itemized listings of long distance calls for each authorization code. Authorization codes assigned to authorized employees should be protected against theft or misuse. Do not share your V-Net code with anyone else, as it is tied to your name. V-Net codes should not be used for personal long distance calls.

      To obtain a V-Net authorization code, a VUMC department representative should submit an order using the VUMC eProcurement Page. VU users must submit the Vanderbilt Telephone Request Form.

      Include the name of the employee who will use the authorization code in addition to the department name and cost center.

    • There are several options available to students for making long distance calls. These include using a personal telephone company calling card and placing (but not receiving) collect calls.
  • V-Net Rates: There are no charges for domestic long distance calls. International rates are adjusted throughout the year based on changes to our service providers tariffs.


A VUMC department representative should submit an order using  the  VUMC eProcurement Page .  VU users must submit the  Vanderbilt Telephone Request Form.