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Uniform Call Distribution (UCD)

UCD service is generally used where there are a group of agents regularly receiving a large quantity of incoming calls, which anyone in the group can handle.

Based on Standard Dial Tone, the UCD system automatically delivers each incoming call to the next available agent's line through rotation of lines rather than always starting at the first number (line) in a group of lines.

An agent group must have at least two lines in order to have UCD service. One UCD system is required for each UCD group.

There are a number of options and capabilities available with UCD. These include the ability to turn off (make busy) individual stations when not in use, place incoming callers in a queue until an agent is available, and provide an announcement to callers waiting in queue.


  • Provides for even dispersal of workload.
  • Increases customer responsiveness by reducing hold time.
  • Programmable call overflow capability.