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Mobile Device Management (MDM) Service - AirWatch™

Workplace mobility is becoming increasingly important to the continued growth and security of Vanderbilt University Medical Center. The faculty and staff balance very busy personal and work lives, and demand to stay connected to both from wherever they are. 

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a service provided through an application called AirWatch™ that will allow employees and staff a convenient and secure way to connect to the VUMC data network using smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. MDM ensures that users have full access to corporate resources, in addition to providing compliance with Medical Center security policies.



  • Enables clean separation of personal data and work data.
  • Provides simple process for installing work applications on mobile devices.
  • Ensures that only trusted mobile devices (i.e. devices that meet VUMC security standards) are allowed to connect to VUMC networks.
  • Enables VUMC to remove work data from devices that are lost or stolen. VUMC will not have access to personal data on your personal device. Consider MDM a small, secure box within your device that contains VUMC applications and data.
  • Detect and block devices that could potentially disrupt VUMC network operations (e.g. phones that have had iOS or Android software restrictions removed).



Why am I being required to use MDM?
VUMC IT and the Medical Center enterprise require a consistent security policy for all devices used to access the Medical Center network and its applications. This includes phones issued by the Medical Center for business use and personal phones use for Medical Center purposes.


What are the benefits of using MDM on my personal device?
There are several employee benefits for using your own device for work purposes:

  • Ability to carry just one device for both personal and work
  • Ability to choose and use a device type and operating system that you are comfortable with versus a potential learning curve of a corporate-issued device
  • Increased productivity through ability to access company apps and networks from anywhere


What are the benefits of MDM for the Medical Center?
There are several benefits for implementing MDM to VUMC program:

  • Increased employee satisfaction and retention
  • Reduced cost of purchasing and providing devices to employees
  • Ability to mobilize a larger part of their workforce
  • Increased employee productivity


Who needs to enroll?
All VUMC employees who use a company issued device will be required to enroll. If you would like to access the VUMC network using your personal smartphone and/or tablet/device to conduct Medical Center business, you will also be required to enroll.


From where can I enroll my device?
Anywhere. Enrollment can be performed over a carrier’s wireless connection or from on campus.


What happens to my phone when it’s “activated” with the AirWatch MDM?
When you activate the AirWatch™ MDM on your personal or work device, it creates a separate work area on your device, which allows VUMC IT to provide applications and company access via profiles based on your role in the company. This gives you seamless access to company apps and networks, and can even automate VPN and Wi-Fi access for you.


Will VUMC have access to my text messages, personal email and VUMC email accounts?
No. Personal data and information is not captured or monitored through the use of MDM on personal phones. They stay completely separate and remain un-viewable by VUMC IT. Medical Center issued phones do have VUMC applications monitored. The application is designed to protect Medical Center data (i.e., Outlook email messages and other application information).  Like any application you put on your personal device, you can always remove it at any time.


Will MDM be used to erase applications or personal data on my device?
No. MDM will only be used to affect the applications and data made available through MDM.  This means if your device becomes lost or stolen, the Medical Center can remotely wipe VUMC profile data (only) from the device.


What immediate changes will I notice on my mobile device?
Your Medical Center email account will be automatically configured, a 4-digit passcode will be necessary, wireless connectivity will be automatically configured for the Medical Center network, and the VUMC virtual private network (VPN) will be automatically configured if you have not already done so through Multi-Factor Authentication. Device encryption will also be required on some Android phones during your enrollment process.


How many devices can I enroll?
Currently we have no limit on number of devices that can be enrolled per user.


Will MDM be used to track my device’s location? 
VUMC will only track the location of VUMC-issued devices. No personally-owned devices will have their locations tracked.


Will MDM slow down my device or drain the battery?
No. The impact on your device’s performance and battery life from MDM should be minimal. 


Will I have to pay extra data charges if I have the MDM client installed on my device?
No. The impact on the amount of data your device uses from MDM should be minimal. 


Why am I seeing a new calendar and set of contacts on my device?
If you elect to use VMware Boxer for your email inbox and already have Vanderbilt e-mail configured on your device, you will see your e-mail, calendar and contacts sync twice. By removing the existing configuration, or by choosing not to use the VMware Boxer, you will prevent additional data usage and battery drain caused by the e-mail, calendar and contacts syncing twice.


What happens if I leave VUMC?
If you leave the Medical Center, your IT administrator is required to remove access to all corporate data and apps. This can be done while preserving personal data. For example, should you leave VUMC, a selective wipe of your personal device will be performed to remove access to corporate resources, leaving your personal data, photos, and other files intact.


What happens if I lose my phone?
If you lose your phone, be sure to report it to the Help Desk immediately so they can begin the process to remove access to corporate data immediately. 


What if I decide I no longer want MDM on my device – is it easy to remove?
Yes. As the owner of the device, the control is completely yours. To remove MDM for iOS, click here. To remove MDM for Android, click here. You will be taken to a Pegasus knowledge article.



  • Apple users should delete their current VUMC email account before attempting to install MDM. This will provide an easier enrollment experience. Directions are provided in the link below.
  • Android users should encrypt their devices before installing MDM. This will provide an easier enrollment experience. Directions are provided in the link below.
  • If you enrolled in Boxer for email and are still having issues, please email Jenn Brown,
  • MDM is not configured for Windows Surface tablets or for Mac laptops at this time.



If you have questions or an issue with MDM installation or use, please contact the Help Desk 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at: 615-343-4357 or click here to submit a Pegasus ticket.



iOS Devices:
Android Devices: