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Antivirus Software

Service Description

By nature, the world of antivirus protection changes every day. To protect yourself, always back up your data, run the latest version of your antivirus software, and set your antivirus software to regularly scan your computer and check for updates.

Vanderbilt licenses Windows Defender as the preferred virus-scanning products for Vanderbilt-owned computers through its Microsoft Campus Agreement. Defender offers deployment and management tools.

VUIT recommends that students use a product that receives high marks from independent test labs.  Recommendations -  Antivirus recommendations by an independent testing lab

Support Contact

Vanderbilt-owned Computers:  

Student-owned or Employee-owned Computers:

Service Charges or Fees

There are no fees for this service. 

Documentation and Service Information Links

Supported Antivirus Clients (Vanderbilt-owned computers)

These antivirus clients are for use on Vanderbilt-owned computers.  This software is provided at no additional charge as part of routine Desktop Support and does not incur a separate charge.  The software can be loaded onto any university-owned computer running Windows or macOS. This software is installed by default on every Windows and macOS computer managed by DTS and VMDP.  It is intended to help protect endpoint computing devices from viruses and malware.

OS Client System Requirements Notes
logo Microsoft SCEP Win Windows 7/8.1  


Windows Defender Windows 10 Windows Defender is included with Windows 10

Antivirus Solutions (Student-owned and Employee-owned Computers)

For student-owned and employee-owned computers, users are encouraged to find an antivirus solution for their machines. 

OS Client System Requirements Notes
logo Windows Defender Windows 8.1/10 Windows Defender is included in Windows 8.1 and 10.
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