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LSP Checklist

Steps to hit the ground running..

1. Sign up for technology mailing lists

After you obtain your VUnetID, you should consider signing up for the technology email lists.

2. Become a VUnet Services Administrator

VUnet Services Administrators (VSAs) can make changes to the VUnet database and adminster group services for their respective units.

For more information about becoming a VSA, please send email to the VUIT Partner Support Team.

If you wish to become a VSA, print the VSA application form below and fax it back to the VUIT Partner Support Team at (34)3-1605.

3. Sign up for network alert services

Vanderbilt Information Technology (VUIT) offers voice-mail and pager alert services that will notify you in the event of an outage or problem with the campus data network or any of the VUIT centrally managed services (VUmail, VUspace, etc.).

In the event of an outage, the VUIT Network Operations Center (NOC) will initiate the voice-mail and pager alert services which in turn send messages to campus voice-mail boxes and alphanumeric pagers.

You must register your voice-mailbox and/or alphanumeric pager with VUIT to receive these alert notices. To sign up for the voice-mail and/or pager alert services, please send email to the VUIT Partner Supoprt Team and include the following information:

  • For the voice-mail alert service, include:
    • your name
    • your University voice-mail box number.
  • For the pager alert service, include:
    • your name
    • the company with whom your pager is registered (MobileComm, etc.)
    • the company's local service number (you may have to call the company to obtain this)
    • your pager's pin number (often just the pager number itself--the company should be able to tell you)

NOTE: You can always check the status of the network at any time by calling the VUIT Network Status Line at (32)2-3595.

4. Learn About Vanderbilt's Supported Applications and Services

VUIT offers workshops and seminars regularly throughout the year to Vanderbilt faculty, staff, and students. This hands-on instructor-led training focuses on basic information and instructions for using various voice and network services, Vanderbilt supported / widely used software, and instructional and research tools. For more info, visit the VUIT training pages

5. Review LSP resources and information

6. Take a tour of VUIT

VUIT would like to give you a tour of our facilities in the Hill Center, including the Network Operations Command Center, and introduce you to many of the staff. To schedule a personal tour of VUIT, please email the VUIT Partner Support Team. We'll get back with you to set up a date and time to suit your schedule.

7. Note the facts

  • If you need a new network connection, use our port request / access point request form.
  • As and LSP you are always encouraged to call the VUIT Network Operations Center (NOC) if you are experiencing what could be wide-spread problems with any of our services. The direct phone number for the NOC is (32)2-2954. Please identify yourself as a local support provider (LSP) when calling the NOC.