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What is the transition and why are we doing this?

Vanderbilt University and Vanderbilt University Medical Center are parting ways in an effort to better position themselves for the future. The Vanderbilt Board of Trust made the decision to separate and form two individual, distinct organizations after conducting a yearlong study and concluding separation was necessary for the hospital to adapt to an evolving healthcare landscape without harming the University.

The separation will allow the Medical Center to expand its Vanderbilt Health Affiliated Network and will give the hospital more flexibility in developing new partnerships. Meanwhile, the two organizations will maintain a very strong, healthy partnership with one another. With the reconfiguration, there are no changes to the Vanderbilt Board of Trust, nor are there changes in staffing, medical research, employee benefits, or salaries and Medical School students will continue to learn from the Vanderbilt professors who staff the Medical Center.


What is the TMO and why does it exist?

TMO Benefits

The Transition Management Office (TMO) is a Vanderbilt University Information Technology (VUIT) group of resources shared between the University and Medical Centers to provide a central source for projects related to the organizations' core infrastructures. The TMO will:

  • Guide project planning and be the central node for project approval, funding, and milestone decisions
  • Manage project dependencies
  • Identify and mitigate resource constraints
  • Elevate project risks and conflicts for resolution through structured governance


What is the timeline for transition activities?

Having completed "Legal Separation" in April 2016, Vanderbilt University and Vanderbilt University Medical Center are two financially separate organizations. However, transition activities will be ongoing for the next several years as the two organizations officially separate themselves at the infrastructure level.

Transition activities include all of the projects listed here and are expected to continue into the middle of fiscal year 2021, with the Data Network project expected to finish around December, 2020.


Where can I get more information or ask questions?

Communication Channels

One of the most critical pieces to the transition's success is the ability to communicate and share information with the Vanderbilt community as a whole. With so many critical projects happening in lock-step with another over the same time frame, it is pertinent to understand not only the system impacts, but the overall change to Vanderbilt's many stakeholders. Because of this, the TMO has two goals:

  1. Successfully manage change
  2. Proactively minimize risk

To realize these goals, the TMO will follow a communication matrix and leverage multiple communication channels to keep everyone as well-informed as possible, from the individual project teams to the outside community.

In addition, if you have any questions that cannot be answered by the information presented on this site, please contact the TMO directly at or by reaching out to the individual team members found on the Contact page.