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Guiding Principles

Uniquely positioned at the intersection of technicians and leadership, the TMO is equipped for broad influence over project planning and communication, status, risk, issue, and scope management. Having a singular team available to support individual project initiatives allows for joint benefits, including structured sets of tools, methodologies, and experience with both the university and medical center. To help tackle the many tasks leading to separation, the TMO has instituted a number of guiding principles:


Minimize disruptive aspects of change

With many different projects either replacing existing systems or instituting new ones, the Vanderbilt community is sure to experience varied levels of disruption to their everyday workflows. The TMO will provide change management techniques to limit these disruptions and put the two organizations in the best place to welcome change.


Collaborate to strengthen decision making

Not only are these projects taking place at the same time, but they’re using the same resources – and in many cases, they are dependent on each other. Because of this, collaboration is crucial to the success of each project and the TMO will function as the hub of intra-project communication.


Communicate openly and often

The TMO facilitates project communication regarding updates, awareness, and more. Being open with everyone involved, from the project teams to the Vanderbilt community, ensures all have access to knowledge that will empower acceptance of the new Vanderbilt vision.


Program success, not project success

While the goal is to have each project succeed without a hitch, sometimes projects experience delays or issues that take them in other directions. The TMO will help guide teams through tumult with the goal being to sustain program success.


Do the right work - and do the work right

Due to the scope and scale of each project, it is imperative for our project teams to focus on work that maximizes their impact to the success of the program.