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VUIT Alert

VUIT-Alert is an email list that should be used for internal VUIT communication only.  Its purpose is to provide early warnings and regular status of service outages to internal VUIT leaders and their delegates.  This "heads up" will be used to initiate customer communication, forewarn help desk staff of potential impact to the community, and aid technical staff in other areas troubleshoot unexpected service disruptions.

What should be sent?

When sending an alert, the following template should be used:

The alert will be sent to

Email Subject: should be in this format: [app/service name] – [outage type: could be service is unavailable, degraded, restored, etc]

Title: Provide a clear, precise title of issue

Service Outage Start Time:

Current Status: Initial/Update/Closed

Estimated time to resolution:

Primary Service(s) Affected:

Extent of impact to community: Estimate.  Is it individual, team, department, division, med center, institution?

Service Restored Time:

Affected Services: list known affected services

Notes/Description/Other supporting details:

*It is expected that several of these areas may not be known initially and may therefore remain blank.

When should alerts be sent?

VUIT-Alerts should be sent in the following situations

  1. As soon as engineers determine that a service is experiencing an unexpected outage.
  2. Any time that the status changes for the incident
  3. When the service is restored
  4. Any time that the VUIT-AOC determines that an update should be sent

Who is on the list?

Membership of this email list should be limited to VUIT Senior Leadership Team members and their designees.  It is preferred that each department provide a "leaders" email list that would be included as members of the VUIT-Alert list.  This will enable each department to manage the memberships of their department locally for those who will receive these alerts.