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Voice Services


Ordering new telephones
  • eProcurement: An approved purchaser may submit an order in the VUIT Products and Services catalog in eProcurement at: 
  • Price List 
    For a current price list of services, equipment and products, or for further assistance in ordering service, call VUIT at (615) 343-9999 and ask to speak to a Customer Service Representative.

Automated Voice Processing

  • Voice Mail - voice mailboxes for storing and forwarding messages, voice menus for routing and responding to calls, recorded announcements, and information access to databases.
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) - evenly distributes incoming calls to a group of people.


  • Changes- Center changes for monthly billing of telephones or long distance charges can now  be submitted through the VUIT product and services catalog in eProcurement at: . Extensions, V-Net codes, calling card numbers, etc., associated with the changing center number must be listed, along with the new center number.

    Discrepencies- If errors appear on your monthly invoice, please photocopy the invoice, highlight the discrepancy and indicate the nature of the problem. Mail the "highlighted copy" of the invoice to VUIT Business & Finance, Peabody Box 34.

  • Calling Cards
  • Calling Cards: Employees who travel frequently can obtain a Vanderbilt calling card from VUIT for use while away from campus on official business. Charges for calls placed with the cards are billed to the employee's departmental cost center. These cards are designed to facilitate long distance calls from off-campus locations and should not be used while on campus. Departments are charged 17 cents per minute for domestic card calls and a surcharge of 20 cents per call.
  • Calling cards can be obtained from Vanderbilt Information Technology through the new products and services catalog at:


Cellular Service

  • Cellular Service: VUIT isn't in the cellular business, but we have special pricing plans with Vanderbilt's preferred vendor.

Conference Calls

  • Three Way Calling - With call in progress, ask party to hold. Press Transfer, receive interrupted dial tone. Dial desired number. After call is answered, press CONF. CONF LED lights. CNF Three-way conference is established. If one party hangs up, other two remain connected. CONF LED goes out. 
  • 4-16 participants - There are several ways to do this:
1. Call Center assistance: Conference calls for more than three and up to sixteen participants can be accomplished through the Vanderbilt Call Center at 3-6048. Prior notice is helpful in setting up large conferences this way. This is a free service provided by the Call Center unless the operator is required to call/connect long distance parties.  Outbound long distance calls will be charged to your V-net card number. 

2. AT&T's Web Meeting Service : which provides more enhanced features. Charged via V-net.

3. The 8-party Conference Bridge equipment that can be installed on phones. There's a recurring charge associated with this - $4.00 per month.


  • On-site evaluation of current telephone set-up and/or evaluation of specialized voice applications. For more information, please call VUIT at (615) 343-9999.

Feature Programming

  • Programmable features include: Call pick-up Groups, Call Hunt Groups, and Forwarded Virtual Numbers.

Long Distance Services

  • V-Net is the university's long distance service. An authorization code (V-Net number) will be issued per authorized and approved request submitted either on an order in VUIT’ product and service catalog at Departments must also submit an order to cancel V-Net codes and calling cards for employees who transfer or leave the university.

Red Phones

  • The "Emergency Red Phone System" is designed to provide communication coverage in the event of a phone system outage.

Telephone Repair

Telephone Repair Service: The number (615) 421-1611 is dedicated to all of the voice and data services Vanderbilt IT provides, including telephone repair, support assistance with any voice issues, service questions about eProcurement orders for voice and data, Lync, voicemail, and caller’s menus.

If you are experiencing service problems or need telephone repair service, call (615) 421-1611 and provide the following information:

Contact name and department Location of phone
Extension (number in need of repair) Type of phone
Contact extension Description of problem

Toll Free

  • Toll Free 1-800/866/877/888 Access: To provide toll-free inbound long distance service, administrators can obtain a toll free number which is assigned to a specific department. Charges for calls placed to a department's toll free number are billed by Vanderbilt Information Technology. Departments are charged 11 cents per minute for incoming toll-free calls.

    Toll free numbers can be obtained from Vanderbilt Information Technology through the new products and services catalog in eProcurement at: 

Traffic Studies

  • Traffic Studies: Statistics for the incoming and outgoing call volume on an hourly basis. For incoming calls, data can be provided on how many calls were answered vs. not answered or busy. A traffic study cannot provide duration of call. Studies also will not provide the incoming or outgoing telephone numbers. Telephone studies should only be used to look at call volume and whether incoming calls are answered. A one-week study costs $50 per extension. For more information, please call VUIT at (615) 343-9999.

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