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About VUIT’s Project Management Office

The Project Management Office (PMO) serves the Vanderbilt University community by providing quality project management and business analyst services and by serving as a technology partner in all aspects of solution delivery. The PMO views success as completing projects that meet stakeholders' expectations every time and on time.

The team of project managers and analysts leverages enterprise tools and industry best practices to achieve outstanding project outcomes. The PMO uses strategic project management skills to ensure the success of a project while delivering a positive experience for the customers.

To accomplish this, the PMO works with its customers to analyze and document existing business processes before determining how best to leverage technology to alleviate operational challenges.

In a nutshell, the PMO:

  • Completes scoping
  • Establishes a project plan—complete with milestones and budget
  • Defines responsible, accountable, consulted and informed individuals (RACI)
  • Oversees acceptance testing
  • Leads change management initiatives
  • Manages implementations of products and services
  • Transfers appropriate project knowledge to employees
  • Provides reporting and analytics

For more information, visit the PMO website.